The Vance Corporation buildings enjoy exceptional locations in Seattle’s thriving downtown core. All of our properties are architecturally unique and diverse. And we have renovated and maintained each one with an extremely high level of attention to detail and care. The Vance Corporation is a team of local experts in real estate and property management. Beyond our reputation for quality and a proven track record as property managers, we offer a unique combination of substantial resources and agility that many companies find refreshing, plus more than 20 years of experience in the Seattle market. Our emphasis on reliability, personal service, and responsiveness, combined with our reputation for solving problems and making effective decisions, has helped us enjoy a high rate of tenant retention. In fact, companies stay with us an average of more than 12 years unusual in a business that is often marked by frequent tenant turnover.


photo_mark_houtchens      Mark Houtchens

Mark has been an owner of The Vance Corporation since 1997 and its President and CEO since 1988. He has been involved in commercial real estate since 1982, when he was employed by Coldwell Banker. He is chair of the Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) and past chair of the Metropolitan Improvement District (MID).

photo_jim_falconer     Jim Falconer

Jim has been on the board of The Vance Corporation since 1988 and an owner since 1997. He began his career as a founding partner of the Mundt MacGregor law firm, focusing on business and real estate law. His involvement in commercial real estate goes back to 1984. He is currently chair of the Build The Streetcar Committee